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5 Books We Recommend for 3K - Pre-K

Check out our reading recommendations for 3K and Pre-K children. Compiled by FOCH Educational Director Geva Dublin…
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5 Tips to setup your children for a limitless future

Parenting is regarded as one of the hardest responsibilities in the world, but no official instruction on how to parent well is available. The good ne…
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How to boost your baby's brain

Did you know that the most important interaction you can have with your child is through play? Harvard University's Dr. Jack Shonkoff explains the mos…
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Tips for Summer Learning

With so much happening in the world it may sometimes seem overwhelming to ensure our children are learning in a productive and healthy way. Here are s…
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Deputy Chancellor Dr. Kara Ahmed visits Friends of Crown Heights Educational Center

This week I visited one of Friends of Crown Heights Education Center's programs in Brooklyn! The incredible sense of a team spirit, centered on being …
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Friends of Crown Heights CEO Appointed to Mayoral Transition Team

Vaughan Toney, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Friends of Crown Heights Educational Centers, Inc., (FOCH), has been appointed a member of…
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