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Friends of Crown Heights' Gardening & Nature Program


Friends of Crown Heights’ Gardening & Nature Program!


Friends of Crown Heights Garden and Nature Program


We are so excited to tell you about our new gardening program with the kids at Friends of Crown Heights! In partnership with the professionals (Eman, Myra and Reshad) at Brooklyn Seeds, our pilot program is off to a fabulous start at our 671 Prospect Place Center in Crown Heights. Other programs will be blossoming shortly.

So far, our kids have already planted tomatoes, basil, sunflowers and Swiss Chard seeds in greenhouses. We've placed them under grow lights and timers, and your kids have been checking on them. We will re-plant them outdoors any day now. This month, as the temperature is consistently over 55°, kids will plant their heat-loving veggies and flowers outdoors!


Your children have also been learning about the amazing native plants in our front yard,

including our majestic pine tree, and how important these native plants are for the survival of our native wildlife. They have also been introduced to the beautiful American Oak tree in front of school and learned about her seeds, or acorns. Don't be surprised if they stop you to check on their adopted tree!


FOCH Gardening Program


Why is Friends of Crown Heights introducing a gardening and nature program?

Because many studies have demonstrated the multiple benefits of gardening, including the following:

• Gardening uses almost every muscle in your children’s young and growing bodies!

• Kids who garden are more confident!

• Kids who garden practice and improve their fine motor control!

• Gardening relieves stress!

• Gardening improves children’s moods and psychological wellbeing. Kids are actually

happier when they garden!

• Kids who garden can focus better!

• Gardening facilitates and sharpens scientific observation!

• Gardening encourages kids to eat healthier!

• Kids who garden are more physically active and have more sensory stimulation.


Friends of Crown Heights Nature ProgramFriends of Crown Heights Nature Program

These are just a few of the reasons that our Friends of Crown Heights children are gardening! Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments about the gardening program. We love to hear from parents and families, and we truly hope that your child is enjoying our nature and gardening program.

Let's grow together!


Margo D. Ayinde, MSED, Educational Director

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