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Helping your child adjust after Daylight Savings Time has ended

Sleeping toddler adjusting to daylight savings time ending

Adjusting your child's bedtime slowly throughout the week before daylight savings ends is great way to prepare them for the time change. However, as parents these things can really sneak up on you!


As with any shift in routines, adjusting is a process. It may take just a few days before babies, toddlers and even teenagers are back to their normal sleep schedule, while others with more sensitive body clocks can take longer. 

Fortunately, the switch to or from Daylight Savings Time is a temporary setback — and even if yours is having a harder time adjusting, most kids tend to settle into the time change within a week or two. 


If you haven't had a chance to adjust your child's bedtime before daylight savings time ended – don't worry, we have some tips to help alleviate the stress of adapting to the time change.

  1. 1. Take your child outside early in the morning (weather permitting) and stay out as long as you can. Visit the library, go to a park, or simply take them with you to run errands. This will help them burn some energy during the day and sleep better in the evening.
  2. 2. Dim the lights and close any blinds or window coverings earlier in the day to create a darker environment in the house. This will naturally help their internal clock adjust and feel tired sooner.
  3. 3. Cue their nighttime routines earlier. Eating dinner, taking a bath, reading a bedtime story and brushing teeth an hour or two earlier will cue their bodies that it is time for sleep.

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