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Tips for Summer Learning

Tips for Summer Learning

With so much happening in the world it may sometimes seem overwhelming to ensure our children are learning in a productive and healthy way. Here are some tips to help boost your child's development while having fun this summer.


1. Reading and Bonding

Reading is very important to children for many reasons such as bonding, mental stimulation, language and speech development. Make it fun by taking them to a bookstore or library and letting them choose the book that interests them. Remember: the more you read to your child, and the more your children read for themselves, the more prepared they will be for a limitless future. By reading just one book a day, your child would have read 1,825 books by their 5th birthday!


2. Fun with Math

Teach your kids to count your change, put money in a piggy bank, or have them help you count and measure the ingredients in a snack recipe. These are all fun and rewarding ways for children to understand and appreciate the real-life application of mathematics in their everyday activities while building math skills.


3. Manage Screen Time

We all love our smart devices and instant access to information, but it is very important for children to understand the importance of managing their screen time. Some on-screen activities may be very productive, so it is important that you help your child manage their screen time in such a way that they also make time for other activities. You might also consider limiting your own screen-time in order to spend more quality time with your child.


4. Exploring with Art

Creating art is one of the best ways to nurture creativity and individuality in children. Art enables your child to express, explore and develop their feelings in a rewarding and fulfilling way. The right activity can keep them busy for hours and yield positive results in both cognitive development and eye-hand coordination.


5. Benefits of Sleep

A good night's sleep is essential for your child's mental and physical growth. Try to encourage them to adhere to a bed-time routine as much as possible. Studies have shown that children who regularly get an adequate amount of sleep display improved attention, behavior, learning, memory, and better overall mental and physical wellbeing.


Remember children also learn through play and exploration. Be sure to take them outside and visit new places to keep their minds growing!

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