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Poll: New Yorkers Demand More Investment in Early Childhood Education

NEW YORK – A new poll has found that New Yorkers overwhelmingly want the next mayor to prioritize child-care needs that would provide economic relief to working parents and help our youngest New Yorkers stay developmentally on track. Nine out of 10 respondents said that child care is a burden for families in the City, and 86% ranked improving access to free or low-cost child care as a priority for the next mayor. These findings are largely driven by Black and Latinx residents, nearly half of whom reported that finding child care is a major burden in New York City, compared to 38% of White residents.



The poll was conducted by Global Strategy Group and released by Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York, The Education Trust–New York, and the New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute.

The findings also highlight the tremendous amount of stress and economic instability that families have experienced during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Notably, Black and Latinx parents and those from low-income households have weathered a disproportionate economic impact, with 61% of Black and Latinx parents reporting they have had trouble paying for basic expenses such as food, housing, and/or health care in the last year, compared to 48% of White parents. Among parents from low-income households, 76% of respondents said they struggled to pay for basic expenses.

The poll underscored the urgent need for further investment to make high-quality, affordable early childhood programs available to all parents.

Among the key findings:

  • Many parents, especially Black and Latinx parents and those from low-income households, report child care is often a burden and that finding affordable, high-quality child care is difficult in New York City. An overwhelming majority of residents (89%) want local and state government officials to do more to make sure that infants and toddlers in New York City are healthy and developmentally on track from birth and throughout early childhood.
  • Child care issues have also created a number of economic difficulties for parents, including work-related consequences. Nearly one in four parents reported that they had lost or quit their jobs because they did not have access to child care. Black and Latinx parents were nearly three times more likely than their White counterparts to lose their jobs due to child-care issues.
  • Residents support a number of critical solutions to keep infants and toddlers healthy and developmentally on-track, including better access to high-quality child care, investing in early childhood programs, and improving resources that would be helpful to parents. One in three parents indicated that their child had been turned away from a center- or home-based program because the provider could not offer enough support for a child with a learning or physical disability.

Read more about the poll and its findings here.

Courtesy of Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York.

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