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All centers are currently open and enrollment is ongoing for in-person, remote and blended learning opportunities.
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Friends of Crown Heights Educational Centers
Special Alert:
All centers are currently open and enrollment is ongoing for in-person, remote and blended learning opportunities.
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How to Enroll

Please see below a list of questions and answers frequently asked about enrollment. To speak to us directly please call: (718) 638-8686 or email: info@foch.biz 


Q: At what age can I enroll my child in a Friends of Crown Heights center?

A: Children as young as two months old may be enrolled in our Infant Care program. Enrollment is also open to toddlers and pre-schoolers, including 4-year-olds who may be eligible for our Universal pre-Kindergarten (UPK) and Head Start programs.


Q: How do I apply to enroll my child?

A: Your child’s enrollment begins with a telephone call or visit to any Friends of Crown Heights center of your choice. (You may use our Center Locator to select the center that is most convenient for you). Our fully licensed and certified professional staff of child care and early education specialists will be happy to walk you through the process, step by step. Our center staff will also provide you with a free, individualized consultation to help you obtain any government subsidies or other assistance for which you and your family may qualify.


Q: What are some of the eligibility guidelines for receiving subsidized child care?

A: Our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff will work with you in a one-on-one consultation to help determine if you qualify for a subsidy, based on your personal circumstances. As a general rule, in order for a family to receive subsidized child care services, the family must meet certain financial and social eligibility criteria that are determined by federal, state, and local regulations:

Financial eligibility is determined by a family's gross income, with consideration of family size. Fees for child care services are based on a sliding scale.

Social eligibility requires that a family have an approved "reason for care," such as

  1. You are working or in an approved training or educational program; or
  2. Your child or family is receiving services from either ACS or the Human Resources Administration (HRA) or a social services agency.

In other words, in addition to meeting the income requirements, if you can answer YES to at least one (1) of the following questions, you may qualify for subsidized child care.

  1. Are you working 20 hours or more a week?
  2. Are you attending an approved school (high school, GED program or 2-year College) or training program?
  3. Are you receiving preventive or protective services for your child?
  4. Do you receive services such as cash assistance, TANF or public assistance?

Our staff will help walk you through this process.


Q: Will I have to produce any specific documents to support my application for subsidized child care?

A: Yes. The New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) has a list of approved documents for this purpose. We will assist you in this process as well. For your general information, here is a list of approved documents:

Proof of Identity
You may provide any one (1) of these documents:

  1. Copy of Birth Certificate or Copy of Baptismal Record.
  2. You must also verify birth for ALL your children under 18 to prove your family size. (You have the option of providing the Social Security numbers for all your family members).

Proof of NYC Address
You may provide any one (1) of these documents:  

  1. Copy of current utility bill or pay stub (if your address is printed on stub)
  2. Rent receipts (showing your current address)  
  3. Section 8 award letter or NYCHA certificate

Proof of legal residence in the United States
(Please note that the parent’s immigration status does not impact eligibility.  Eligibility is based on the status of the child. The child needs to be either a citizen or legal resident).  

Provide any one (1) of these documents as proof of legal residency for your child:
Birth Certificate; Immigration Department form I-94 • Alien registration card • Naturalization papers or Lawyer’s letter.

Proof of Income and Benefits  

To show you qualify for subsidized child care, you must verify all income and benefits for your family.  

  1. a. If you are employed working at least 20 hours per week, collect your pay stubs to show your income sources.  If your gross pay is the same every time you get paid, provide copies of consecutive pay stubs for the last 4 weeks. If you receive different amounts of pay from week to week, provide copies of consecutive pay stubs for the last 12 weeks. If you don’t get pay stubs, we will help you get the appropriate form  (Referral to Employer Form 1069) for this purpose.   
  2. b. If you are self-employed, provide copies of your business and personal tax returns. If you have been self-employed for less than 3 months, provide a notarized statement of income. If you have been self-employed for 3 – 12 months, provide an accountant’s statement.   
  3. c. If you receive Alimony or Child Support, you will be required to complete Form 1081(we will help you obtain the form).
  4. d. If you are you receiving Social security, SSI, Disability, Retirement, Pension/Annuity Income, you will be required to provide a copy of the check, current award letters or SSA Form 245B.  

Please remember that our staff will help you navigate this process. Just call or visit a Friends of Crown Heights center of your choice, and we will help you take care of the rest.

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