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Main Headquarters

Address: 671 Prospect Place, Brooklyn NY 11216
Phone: (718) 638-8686


Address: 20 Sutter Avenue, NY 11212
Phone: 718-467-4270
Fax: 718-467-6675
Director: Emerita Murrell

Coney Island

Address: 49 Avenue W, Brooklyn, NY 11223
Phone: 718-372-8189
Fax: 718-947-0858
Director: Vilma Torres

Crown Heights / Prospect Heights

Address: 671 Prospect Place, Brooklyn NY 11216
Phone: 718-638-8686
Fax: 718-399-3064
Director: Maureen Johnson
Address: 995 Carroll Street, Brooklyn NY 11225
Phone: 929-234-5010
Fax: 929-234-5012
Address: 963 Park Place, Brooklyn, NY 11213
Phone: 718-778-8558
Director: Juanita Crafton
Address: 1435 Prospect Place, Brooklyn NY 11213
Phone: 718-778-1498
Fax: 718-778-8530
Director: Robin Saunders
Address: 1491 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11216
Phone: 929-234-2821
Fax: 929-234-2824
Address: 813 Sterling Place, Brooklyn NY 11216
Phone: 718-773-7733
Fax: 718-773-7737

East New York

Address: 2505 Pitkin Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11208
Phone: 929-234-2850
Fax: 929-234-2853
Director: Donna Waller
Address: 921 Hegeman Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11208
Phone: 929-234-2866
Fax: 929-234-2869
Director: Janelle Bobb
Address: 851 Liberty Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11208
Phone: 929-234-2955
Fax: 929-234-2958
Director: Robin Nickens
Address: 370 New Lots Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11207
Phone: 929-234-2838
Fax: 929-234-2841
Director: Carmen Soriano

Flatbush/East Flatbush

Address: 141 E. 40th Street, Brooklyn, NY
Phone: 718-284-2184
Director: Tashoy Saddler
Address: 2805 Newkirk Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11226
Phone: 917-966-4400
Address: 1886 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11226
Phone: 718-284-9194
Fax: 718-284-9196


Address: 3732 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10034
Phone: 212-567-5655
Fax: 212-567-5654
Director: Faustina Lee

Staten Island

Address: 195 Gordon Street, Staten Island, NY 10304
Phone: 917-567-354

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A landmark study by psychologists at Stanford University reveals that the language gap between rich and poor children may begin as early as infancy; the 2-year-old children of lower-income families may already be six months behind their more affluent peers in language development. But the good news is that regardless of economic circumstances, parents who use more and richer language with their infants can help their child to learn more quickly. The key is to talk to your baby early and often: parents who talk more with their children in an engaging and supportive way have kids who are more likely to develop their full intellectual potential than kids who hear very little child-directed speech.
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